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"Working with Jemma has been inspiring. She helps me in ways I didn't even know were possible with such creative strategies. Jemma is insightful and genuinely cares. I look forward to every session."   Mia, 19. 

"Jemma’s support, encouragement and motivation are helping me navigate the wonders of solo-parenting two challenging teens. Jemma goes out of her way to research and share up-to-the-minute learnings from around the world to address specific dilemmas. Her thorough understanding of ADHD has been so helpful."  Mum of 2 teens. 

"I can't recommend Jemma enough, her deep understanding of ADHD made me feel heard and understood for the first time. During our sessions I felt like she genuinely cared, she was compassionate but also kept me on track. We worked together and developed strategies that were specific to what I needed and I have learned so much about who I am and how to utilise my strengths! Thank you so much Jemma".  Chelsea, 37.

"When I first started seeing Jemma, I was hoping to pick up some skills to better manage my daily overwhelm. Little did I know, the journey would unfold into something much bigger. Jemma has been supportive and understanding. She hasn’t just taught me strategies and techniques; but she has patiently guided me through the process of learning how to navigate my ADHD. Putting these new skills into practice has helped me to calm and control the hot mess. But what has truly made a difference is the way Jemma has helped me nurture self-acceptance and kindness toward myself. I highly recommend working with Jemma. We often have a laugh during coaching, but she also has taught me practical skills AND how to be kinder to myself. Jemma has been instrumental in my journey to make sense of my ADHD, and I am deeply grateful for her insight, her guidance and her support."  Maree, aged 52.

"Over the past few months Jemma has really helped me understand my ADHD! Together we have identified the different areas/situations that I struggle with in my day to day life, we have come up with different strategies for me to apply to ensure I stay on track and achieve my goals. I have been able to find out how I work best in relation to my studying, my work and home environments, and even my social circles. I feel as if I am now in control of my life!"   Madi, 18.

"Jemma's passion to help others navigate and embrace life with ADHD is felt in every session. Her family focused approach has benefited our entire family, through cultivating self-acceptance and developing effective strategies to manage core challenges with success. I have taken away some of the most unexpected, yet impactful learnings, that I will carry with me forever."    Melissa, 38.

"Jemma is the first person I have talked to about how hard things have been. She has given me a lot of help with practical strategies but understanding why I find somethings so hard and how to like myself again has been the most helpful."  Simon, 24.

"We were thrilled to have Jemma Morgan come to our school and conduct two amazing sessions with our teaching staff on supporting kids and teachers with ADHD and managing challenging behaviors. Her professional delivery was outstanding, keeping our staff thoroughly engaged. Jemma provided great strategies for the classroom that we could immediately implement. Thank you, Jemma, for your expertise and practical insights!"   Jeremy Ogle, Principal - Woodleigh School.

"We came to Jemma because we needed some support with our 12 year old daughter. Jemma has given us so many practical strategies and insights that make sense to our family and enable a much calmer living environment. Most importantly she has opened our minds and helped us on our parenting journey to get our relationship with our daughter back on track, so we feel we are in a better place to be able to help her. I highly recommend seeing Jemma, this has been a gamechanger for our family!"  Erin and Mike.

"Jemma provided Highlands Intermediate and community with invaluable professional development about ADHD. We had Kaiako, RTLB, and senior leaders from a range of Kura. She was flexible with meeting our needs, and ensured we understood the neuroscience in such a practical way. She gave strategies to help learners and was thought provoking. She also presented in the community to whanau, which was incredible, she was able to articulate the content to allow whanau to feel empowered. Jemma presents in such an authentic way."   Jess Patrick, Deputy Principal - Highlands Intermediate School.

"I have worked with Jemma both in a personal and professional capacity. Through this work I have a better understanding, a better awareness of, and new strategies and skills to use with children diagnosed with ADHD. Jemma has an honest and open approach when sharing her knowledge and resources with people. She has information, skills and strategies to share. I have learnt so much more about ADHD and I will be able to use this new knowledge not only with my own child, but with the children I teach."  Jacqui.

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